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Having Trouble Getting Your Offer Accepted?

Right now the market in San Diego is on fire. More and more we keep seeing buyers being beat out by multiple offer situations. So what can you do to be more prepared when buying a home in this market?

First things first, get a Realtor to help you with the buying process of a home. A lot of times buyers look on Zillow and other syndicates and fall in love with a property and they find out later that it  has actually been off the market for over 2 months, most of these websites will keep as much “inventory” on them to drive more traffic to their sites and their data is not accurate. Working with a Realtor will ensure that you get accurate data and that your needs and wants are met when it come to buying a home.

So now you have gotten a Realtor and you look through the various properties that meet your qualifications you have been pre-approved by a trusted lender and you are ready to go see some properties in person. This is a huge step in the home buying process you have finally taken that leap of faith and said, “yes we want to become homeowners”. Perfect! Sounds pretty simple, but the market currently in San Diego is full of buyers and investors. Investors who have cash. This is where you can run into some problems. How are you going to get an accepted offer?

We asked Svetlana Alleshouse our top buyers agent what you should do in this situation and this is what she had to say.

“When I first meet with my buyers I make sure that all things are in order to set them for success. Success being getting them into an amazing home and making sure that they are happy with their decision. I make sure that they have been pre-approved and that we are looking at homes in their price range. Then we go and look at properties, this is my favorite part of the whole process because I get to learn what types of homes they like and then can figure out their style etc. Currently since the market is so hot I constantly keep myself updated with the current inventory. I also make sure that we act fast and place offers sooner rather than later. Its a busy market but we are getting offers accepted, you just have to educated yourself and really pay attention to the details when trying to land your dream home.”

So what are your thoughts? The San Diego Real Estate Market is on fire, and if you don’t act fast. You too will keep getting shut out by multiple offer situations and investors. Let us know your concerns about buying right now and we will help you through the entire home buying experience.

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