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San Diego Real Estate BLOG: Thanksgiving Tips

San Diego Real Estate BLOG

Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is here, and with it comes family, friends, merriment, and a delicious meal. Thanksgiving is the time of year to sit back and reflect on all that we have in beautiful San Diego. Below please find our 2015 Thanksgiving tips.

Cook The Turkey

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without a turkey, but cooking it properly can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Completely thaw the bird a day or two in advance to make sure it will cook evenly. On the big day, bake the bird at at least 325 degress for as long as it takes to make sure your turkey has an internal tempurature of at least 165 degrees. This will ensure your turkey is both tasty, and safe to eat.

Divvy Up The Chores

There is a TON to do on Thanksgiving, and many try to take on too much on their own. Help Mom mash some potatoes, take out the trash, wash some dishes, or help Dad carve the turkey. Helping is not only appreciated, you will find you enjoy the meal (and the holiday) more if you had at least some small part in it’s preparation.

Go Easy on the Spirits

Thanksgiving can lead to not only excessive eating, but excessive drinking as well. With a full stomach, it is possible to drink more than one normally could. This can lead to the alcohol “sneaking up on you” as your stomach drains and leaving you feeling not so hot. Enjoy the holiday and revel with family and friends, just make sure you know your limit.

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