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      Fun Thanksgiving Facts

    The San Diego Real Estate BLOG:

    Fun Thanksgiving Facts

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    The San Diego Real Estate BLOG:
    Fun Thanksgiving Facts

    With Turkey Day just coming up soon, impress your loved ones with this list of fun Thanksgiving facts!!!

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    Photo: Calvinayre.com

    No Turkey on the First Thanksgiving

    In all likelihood, there was no turkey served at the very first Thanksgiving. Instead, the settlers and Native Americans most likely ate deer or venison, ducks, geese, oysters, lobster, eel and fish, and pumpkins but no pumpkin pies. They also didn’t eat mashed potatoes or cranberry relish, but they probably ate cranberries.

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    Photo: YouJustMadeMyList.com

    The Birth of a Legend

    Thanksgiving is the reason for TV dinners!

    In 1953, the Swanson company ended up with 260 tons of surplus turkey. An enterprising salesman came up with the idea package it onto aluminum trays with other sides like sweet potatoes, and the first TV dinner was born!

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    Photo: ResultsFoodCoaching.com

    Thanksgiving Was Almost a Fast and Not a Feast

    Being Quakers and accustomed to a modest lifestyle, the early settlers gave thanks by praying and abstaining from food, which is what they planned on doing to celebrate their first harvest.

    Luckily for us, the Wampanoag Indians joined them and turned their fast into a three-day feast!

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    Photo: MaconKidsMagazine.com

    A Different Kind of Parade

    The Macy’s original Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924 looked MUCH different than it does today.

    It consisted of 400 employees marching from Convent Ave to 145th street in New York City. There were no large balloons were at this parade, instead it featured only live animals from Central Park Zoo.

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    Photo: DigitalOpera.com

    Don’t Blame the Turkey

    Science has finally proven that turkey isn’t responsible for drowsiness or the dreaded “food coma” after stuffing yourself with a Thanksgiving Day meal.

    So what is? Scientists say that extra glass of wine, the high-calorie meal, or the chance to finally relaxing after a busy work week is what makes you drowsy!

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    Photo: Wikipedia.com

    National Bird

    Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird, not the eagle.

    One of the few things he got wrong I guess.

    san diego real estate
    Photo: Space.com

    Lunar Feast

    Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s first meal in space after walking on the moon was foil packets with roasted turkey.

    san diego real estate
    Photo: HuffingtonPost.com

    “Black” Friday

    Planning to go shopping? Not if you’re a plumber.

    Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for them, according to Roto-Rooter, the nation’s largest plumbing service. After all, someone has to clean up after household guests who “overwhelm the system.”

    san diego real estate
    Photo: Telegraph.co.uk

    Biggest Bird

    The Big Bird suit on Sesame Street is covered in turkey feathers that have been dyed yellow.

    The feathers apparently come from the rear of the turkey and as such are rarely clean. The American Plume & Fancy Feather company is responsible for making the suit, and apparently Sesame Street rejects nine out of ten feathers.

    Thanks to DansPapers.com for the cover photo!!!

    Check back often for even more fun San Diego Real Estate news and tips, community posts, and event calendars!!!

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