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The San Diego Real Estate BLOG: Living in San Diego


The San Diego Real Estate BLOG:
Living in San Diego

If you are looking to buy a piece of San Diego real estate, you should know what to expect when it comes to living in America’s finest city.

Here are the top things you need to know about living in San Diego.



Amazing Weather

San Diego has some of the best weather in the world. The old joke about our local news station weather people having the easiest job in the world isn’t that far off. It really is basically sunny and 72 degrees with a slight on-shore breeze most of the time.

There is fog in the mornings sometimes, June gloom is a real thing, we get occasional Santa Ana winds, the late summers can get scorching every once in a while, and we do have the odd El Nino super-rainy winter… But other than that, our weather is just about the best you will find anywhere in the world.


8th Largest City in America

While we are constantly growing, San Diego is in a sweet spot when it comes to our size.

We are large enough to have things like world-class hospitals, dining, shopping, entertainment and public services, but small enough that we avoid the pitfalls of other larger cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. We do have traffic like other large cities, but isn’t nearly as bad and tends to at least move instead of being a gridlock. We have a large population, but very low crime. You get the idea.

We also have a nice mix of compact high rise city living in the downtown area and closer to the coast, as well as open suburban sprawl as you head inland.


Many Diverse Neighborhoods

No matter what kind of community you want to live in, you can find it somewhere in San Diego.

Do you want to live in an upscale coastal community with every luxury amenity you can imagine? La Jolla is for you.

Do you want to live coastal but slightly more low-key and laid back with all the shopping and dining it tact? Point Loma has you covered.

Are you looking for a self-contained walking village with everything from a grocery store to a high-end movie theater? Liberty Station is where you want to be.

Urban city-center high rise living? Downtown has it all.

Kitschy suburban sprawl teeming with local shops and craft brewery restaurants? You will absolutely LOVE Hillcrest and North/South Park.

Laid back suburban living with easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment? You’ll find it in Mission Hills, La Mesa, and several other neighborhoods.

Looking to raise a family somewhere with a bit more space (like a REAL backyard) and absolutely AMAZING schools? You’ll want to call Santee home.

Do you want to live semi-rural while still being close enough to the city to see a movie and get your car washed? Alpine an Jamul will meet all your needs and more.


Diverse Population

Most San Diegans are not locals. We are a city of immigrants in more ways than one, and you will find a thriving, multi-cultural experience wherever you go.


High Cost of Living

San Diego has a lot of very attractive reasons to live here, and as such our population is ever expanding. As a result it is somewhat expensive to live here.

The cost of living in San Diego is about 44% higher than the rest of the country. This doesn’t put living here out of reach, but do expect to pay more than the national average for things like rent, utilities, groceries, and entertainment.

Luckily, San Diego DOES have a…


Good Job Market

San Diego boasts a large number of diverse industries, and as a result the job market here tends to be very strong.


Top Tier Education

If you are looking to raise a family, San Diego is one of the best places in the nation to do it.

We have some of the strongest public schools in the entire country. We also have several very good universities for those seeking their higher education.


Lots To Do

No matter what you are into, you can most likely do it in San Diego.

We have world class entertainment, nightlife, sporting events, conventions…

The list goes on and on, and our unique geographic location makes have the best of all worlds possible.

Even if you can’t do it here, whatever it is likely only a few hours away.

The mountains, ocean, desert, and even Mexico are all within easy driving distance.


Making the Move

If you would like to call San Diego home, we would like to help. One of our Buyer’s Specialists would love to help you find and purchase your San Diego dream home.

Give us a call today!!!


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