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      Common Selling Mistakes

    The San Diego Real Estate Estate BLOG:

    Common Selling Mistakes


    San Diego Real Estate BLOG

    Common Selling Mistakes

    Selling your home can be a daunting task to say the least. Physically moving your family and everything you own is difficult enough, but when you add the reality of actually selling a piece of real estate on top of that, it is often more than most people can handle on their own. Today we present a short list of common selling mistakes to avoid so your real estate experience can go as smoothly as possible.


    Hire a professional Real Estate Agent

    We know, we know, this probably sounds a little biased coming from a Real Estate Agent, but the numbers back us up on this one. Those attempting to sell their home on their own often end up making less on the sale of their home (even when you consider the money supposedly “saved” by not paying a commission), and it usually takes much longer. The simple fact of the matter is that a real estate agent knows how to price your home properly for the current market, knows how to handle the legal paperwork, and can also help bring in potential buyers from their own contacts. Save yourself time, money, and a lot of hassle by letting a real estate agent help you through the process.


    Make Necessary Repairs Before Listing

    Unless you know going in that you are going in specifically planning to accept a lower amount for your home because you are unwilling or unable to make any needed repairs, any “major” repairs should be completed prior to listing to ensure that you get maximum dollar for you home. Most buyers are NOT “flippers” and are looking for as close to a “turn key” home as they can get. Everyone does stuff like painting and changing the drapes, but no one wants to re plumb the entire home before they move in. If these type of repairs are not made, the offers you receive will be far lower than market value.


    De-Clutter and Stage Your Home

    Potential buyers will have a much more difficult time envisioning how their stuff will look in your home if there is a bunch of distracting clutter everywhere. We know it’s a bit of a chore, but the day you spend reigning the clutter will most likely translate a higher selling price. If you take it to the next level and either stage your home yourself, or have a professional do it, you will be surprised by the number (and quality) of the offers you recieve.



    Not Having Professional Photos Taken

    Many people don’t understand why you would spend several hundred dollars to have professional photos of your home taken. We submit the example above. Professional photographs will make you home look better than you could possibly imagine and WILL generate more interest in your property than photos you snap on your cell phone.


    Selling in the Winter

    The simple fact is that people are more busy in the winter with social engagements like Christmas, and no one wants to drive around looking at homes while it is cold (and potentialy wet) outside. If you are planning on selling, prep in the winter, then actually list your home in March or April, you will get a much greater return on your investment.

    We hope you found this list helpful. If you have any other questions with regards to selling your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us!!!

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