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La Jolla Real Estate

La Jolla’s nickname is “the jewel of San Diego,” and one visit to the area will show you exactly why. La Jolla is bordered on three sides by the majestic Pacific Ocean and features a dramatic coastline, spectacular views, a unique microclimate that rarely dips below 50 degrees or above 90 degrees, and a quaint, village lifestyle evocative of the Mediterranean. La Jolla offers a wide range of activities and accommodations including stunning beaches, luxury hotels, fine dining, art galleries, boutiques, hiking, camping, The Birch Aquarium, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.



La Jolla can be further broken down into smaller neighborhoods:

Bird Rock

Bird Rock is a family neighborhood and walking community with good schools. It is home to the Bird Rock Coffee, a great local coffee shop with a Sunday family dog hangout, and Belmont Breakfast, which features music on the weekends.



Downtown La Jolla is very upscale and features many modern shops and boutiques, swanky hotels, an In-N-Out Burger, and the new restaurant/luxury cinema hybrid “TheLOT.”


Mt. Soledad

Mt. Soledad resides on the hill and is spread out, affordable, and driving distance to the beach. This neighborhood is filled with young families and good schools.


La Jolla Farm

La Jolla Farm is an art community for those who prefer more space to ocean views. Lots here are much larger than average, and feature custom built homes, but the large lots of land command a premium price.


Barber Tract

Barber Tract is an exclusive neighborhood along the coast that features many unique and expensive properties.


Lower Hermosa

Lower Hermosa features smaller homes with a lot of character and beachfront prices.

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