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Ocean Beach Real Estate

Ocean Beach is located just a short distance away from Point Loma. It is a small laid back beach community. If you want to go somewhere and feel like a local Ocean Beach is the place to be, taco stands, surf shops and vintage VW vans is a little taste of what you may find here and maybe a few Rasta Fari as well. Ocean Beach has preserved the vintage 70’s vibe of Southern California throughout this little seaside village. It is also home to one of the longest piers in Southern California and extends a half mile out into the ocean, on the pier is a quaint little coffee shop where you could enjoy your morning paper and a cup of joe while watching all of the surfers on dawn patrol. Also in Ocean Beach is a famous dog beach a favorite among many to take their 4 legged friends for a nice relaxing day at the beach. Stop and get a hamburger at the world famous Hodad’s you may have to wait in a line, but trust me it’s worth it. Ocean Beach is sure to have enjoyment for all people and all ages and is open to new and exciting faces all the time. On Wednesdays you will find a fantastic local farmers market, where you can find local produce, great artisan crafts and a lot of hemp necklaces. Ocean Beach is a great place if you are looking for that original California laid back state of mind. You won’t find designer brands or a Costco just good people and good vibes.

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