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Point Loma Real Estate

When looking at neighborhoods in San Diego don’t miss out on all of the opportunities that Point Loma has to offer. Bordered on the West and South of the Pacific Ocean, Point Loma offers unparalleled views of San Diego and in my opinion, some of the best spots and neighborhoods that San Diego has to offer. Point Loma is unique as there are various districts that make it up, all of which have their own unique personality and charm. These districts are, Liberty Station, Shelter Island, La Playa, Wooded Area, Roseville, Fleetridge, Plumosa Park and Loma Portal. Each offers a little something different than the other.

Liberty Station is the newest addition to Point Loma. It is located at the former Naval Training Center (NTC) owned by the Navy. Years after the base closed it has been redeveloped into a walking Village with 350 townhomes and detached homes. Liberty Station is very unique because it includes a 46 acre waterfront park, Loma Club 9 Hole Golf Course, The Rock Church, Trader Joes and a Gourmet Vons, an Arts and Cultural District, Marriot and Hilton Hotels, High Tech Schools and many great retail and restaurants.

Shelter Island is a great place to see all the Yachts and the view of the Point and look at the Gorgeous San Diego Downtown skyline. There are no residences except the few at the beginning of Shelter Island, but many well know older established restaurants like the Brigantine, Fiddlers Green and for Great food, and great concerts, check out Humphrey’s by the Bay.

La Playa is where the most sought after Mansion type properties are located. It is far into Point Loma and along the water. There is a small beach that is usually used just by locals. There are the Multi-Million dollar homes mixed with normal homes and there are condo’s right by the water as well.

The Wooded Area is located over the hill and borders Ocean Beach. There are mostly no sidewalks along the streets and there are some restrictions about cutting down your trees. The price per sq. ft. of the homes are very high and they are very sought after. There are currently just detached homes in this area. It is a quiet peaceful neighborhood with normal to very large lot sizes.

Roseville is the area South of Nimitz starting at Rosecrans and going up the Hill before Fleetridge area. This area has a little bit of everything including apartments, condo’s and detached homes. The homes towards the top of the hill have views of the San Diego Bay.

Fleetridge is the area that is at the uppermost part of the hill up from Roseville. There are mainly detached home only. Most of these homes have larger lot sizes and many capture amazing views.

Plumosa Park is a small neighborhood located north east of the Loma Portal area and has mostly older homes that have been remodeled beautifully. You do hear a lot of plane noise, but the residents don’t seem to mind.

Loma Portal is between the east end of Liberty Station and Plumosa Park. These streets are noticed easily by the street lights in the middle of the intersections. This area has the most plane noise out of all of Point Loma but it is still a very desirable area to many. There are only detached homes, many with a lot of character. It is walking distance to Liberty Station.

Whether it be kayaking, enjoying some of San Diego’s best cuisine, going to the Village farmers market, or walking around Liberty Station and shopping, Point Loma really does have it all. Point Loma is also home to rich San Diego history and includes the Cabrillo National Monument which houses the famous Old Point Loma Light house established in 1855. There are three yacht clubs, including the San Diego Yacht, which was home to the America’s Cup from 1988 to 1995. So what are you waiting for? Come enjoy all it has to offer and don’t forget to bring your friends, even though you may meet new ones right next door.




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